Arice Savrok

The Elderly Chicken Cleric


Race: Chicken
Sex: Male
Height: 11 Hands
Weight: 5 Stone
Feathers: Light Grey
Eyes: Maroon
Clothes: Simple Clerical Vestments, Red Hooded Cloak


A lithe, pale grey feathered, ragged old chicken who is visibly poor in health, dressed in travel worn clerical vestments which lack a holy symbol. Arice is often found to be somber, however, he frequently goes out of his way to help those in need. He is mostly quiet, preferring to stay in the background of social matters.

In recent times he has been hunted by Clarians, (who are simultaneously hunting the ‘False Prophet of Claria’) in their search for the “Necromancer of Xandran”. While meeting the Noble of Terak’s Way, after accepting to help purify The Lost Cathedral, he explained why such accusations are against him, and then asked the noble if he could do anything to help.

“My Lord, in our travels we happened upon a group of bandits whom bared firearms at us, they gave us the option to surrender our belongings, or die. Unfortunately, an overconfident companion of mine decided to engage in combat with these individuals. Miraculously we routed the outlaws, however, I expended a great amount of energy tending to my companions wounds. Unfortunately, the bandits whom escaped took my magic to be black magic. I assume they have been spreading accusations of me being a necromancer, as after that event, word of a Chicken necromancer had begun to spring up. These accusations have been causing— as you can imagine, a great amount of trouble in our journey. I am simply a traveling man of the cloth seeking to help those whom I happen upon. My Lord, I humbly ask thee, would there be anything you could do to relieve my burden?” ~ Arice, Speaking to the Noble of Terak’s Way

Current Info:

  • Seems to get along with, as well as follow Hrothgar.
  • Friendly, yet distant to Content Not Found: galesh
  • Obviously does not like Karvus or Zion
  • Sees Dane to be too careless with their life, heavily disproves.
  • Refuses to travel into Equestria


  • Name Pronunciation: “AH-REECE

Arice Savrok

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