The Golden Tower


Race: Bear (polar)
Sex: Male
Height: 20 Hands
Weight: 17 Stone
Appearance: White fur
Eyes: Black
Clothes: Wears proved plate armor all the time, so his face and body are completely covered. Also carries a very large white kite shield and a full stone flail at his hip.


Bear. Did things. Tired.

A quite armored bear that prefers to just eat and sleep. However, he will help others if needed, but mostly if their is food in it for him. He knows he’s the strongest and that nothing can kill him, although he’s not stupid enough to challenge an avatar of the fire titian. Prefers to be in the front when visible danger is present ex: zombies.

Notable accomplishments:

  • Walked through fire in forest camp (note: at beginning of campaign, my memory is a little fuzzy)
  • Proclaimed a prophet “The Golden Tower” by an executor of Claria
  • Proved that said executor was impure by public exucuting her in a vat of clairian holy water
  • Started crusade by convincing mob of Clarians that “dark magic” was in Dolach so it needed to be cleansed


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