Vera Bisclavret

A White Wolf of the Bisclavret Clan. Was Kidnapped, Forsaken from home.


Vera was a party member that the group found back in the “Jail” at the beginning of the game. At that time, she was muted, and unable to speak. She also seemed extremely meek.

The party brought her to the Temple of Wynmay, where she entered a chamber where the rest of the party was disallowed from, and was able to finally speak. She was still relatively quiet.

As the party got to Palmacosta, she informed them about how she is forsaken from the Bisclavret clan, and that she is looking for revenge. She keeps mostly outside of the party’s activities, but she does enlist the party to assist her for the taking down of the royal family.

Since then, the Clarian Crusade began. It was at this time that she decided against having the party assist her, since apparently their idea of assisting her was WAR. She stated that she was leaving immediately for Talbia, and is still willing to keep in touch. All they have to do is send a letter for her.

It was also at this time that she informed the party that the King Kimlasca is actually her father.

She has not been heard from since Samel.


Vera Bisclavret

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