Claria – The Goddess of the Sun

The Story of Claria

Claria has no story. There is no recorded story of her mortal presence, for the sun has always been there.
To ask about Claria’s mortal self with usually be met with either Blasphemy proceeded by death, or Death preceded by Blasphemy.
They say that there are those who are blessed by the Sun Goddess herself, but they are her prophets.

How to Worship Claria

*Believe in the Code of Purity
*Exile, Eliminate, or Sanction any who defy this code.
*Inform the Ignorant. If they insist on being ignorant, Eliminate.
*Drink her Holy Water.
*Understand her teachings (Code of Purity)

How to NOT Worship Claria

*Don’t do anything that’s above.
*Kill one of her followers that is pure.
*Falsely claim to be one
*Worship Zielvin

The Code of Purity

The Code of Purity has no actual form. To any experienced traveler, they notice that the code actually
changes from person to person, group to group, area to area. It has not been seen in a written, official form.

Usual Tenants:

*No drinking anything that’s not holy water
*No murder except that by false faith or justice
*Everything in the world is alive by her will, her rays, her light.
*The Moon is just a reflection of her resting rays.
*Justice is by her light
*Bring everyone you can to her light, for they are ignorant to her power.
*Oppose the false gods around her.

Religious Order

The religion functions in the following way. There are the Sisters/Brothers at the bottom, and then there are her Maidens/Priestesses/Priests whom rule over the local churches.
Guarding these churches are the higher ranked Paladins, which are completely lead by The Executor Of Purgatory (One per Major Region). The Pure Maiden leads the Executors, but has not
been seen by the public in a decade. She does not give speeches, nor is she asked questions. When she present, there is to be silence – for her presence is a gift enough.


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