How Can I Help

If you want to help fill this wiki with content, awesome! The more help we get, the better a resource this will be. Here will be a small list of suggestions and tasks which you may do if you so wish.

Editing guideline

  • Treat each page as if the reader has no knowledge of our campaign.
  • Be extremely verbose!
  • Link appropriate names to their proper pages, see How to Edit for help.
  • Sort lists alphabetically

Things you can do while browsing the wiki

  • While you’re reading a page, if you see some typographical error, fix it!
  • If you think you can add more useful content to a page, do so! This includes linking pages and tagging!
  • If you see a list unsorted, sort it!

What Not To Do

  • Do not add new NPC’s, that’s the GM’s Job
  • Do not describe a location that the party has not been to
  • Do not edit other player’s characters
  • Do not make up information!
Exceptions to the above
  • You MAY Edit an existing NPC or location (if the location has content that is)!

Things you can do that we need done

  • Populate the lists of settlements with empty links of town names


  • Add the characters that we have run into onto the wiki. It is very hard to edit content when we don’t remember their names!
  • Add cities that we’ve been to with brief details

How Can I Help

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